Hallet Davis Pianos – Quality Construction Inside and Out

The soundboard and ribs are made of the world’s finest close grain Grade A Spruce seasoned and crowned to ensure superior amplifying power.

High quality imported German felt is used in the construction of all our hammers. Our hammers are specially constructed and voiced to bring out a warm European sound.

All the parts in our piano are treated and seasoned to specific moisture levels to ensure excellent playability in any climate for the lifetime of the piano.

The action is the heart of the piano. High-strength, zinc-aluminum action parts along with hard rock maple wood parts are assembled to provide a smooth responsive action. High-quality precision computer-controlled machinery along with skilled labor produces some of the finest sounding pianos today. All of our upright pianos come with a high-quality practice mechanism. This is especially useful for beginners.
The five back-posts help keep the piano in tune. It allows for less flexing and movement of the back of the piano. It also provides the stability for the iron plate and pin-block assembly. Highest quality fine-grain cast iron, engineered to stand twenty (20) tons of string pressure. The iron plate is also what we call a full perimeter plate, which is one continuous iron plate that runs the full perimeter of the back assembly. All of our pianos use only high-quality durable hinges.
Bass strings are hand-wound with high quality copper wire. All strings include three-string unison treble strings use Stahl-und-Drahtwerk ROSLAU GmbH German wire. Three brass working pedals control full sustain, practice mode, and soft. On the grand pianos, susteneuto is provided in place of the practice pedal. All of our pianos are hand finished with the finest lacquers and polyester from around the world. Our pianos are beautifully finished on the outside. The inside wood cabinet parts of the piano are finished to the same high standards as the outside.